Lights Up: Harm

Lights Up: Harm



Leanne Best performs a monologue by Phoebe Eclair-Powell, originally intended to be staged in February at the Bush Theatre. Our protagonist is a damaged young woman adrift in south London, working as an estate agent and funnelling her professional boredom and raging loneliness into a life spent observing the worst of other people online. When she sells a £2m house to an Instagram influencer, she meets the personification of everything she enviously loathes. As a toxic relationship develops, the play becomes more lurid and gets further and further from making a profound point about how internet culture can alienate and radicalise vulnerable people – but Best’s sustained intensity is remarkable.


When a lonely estate agent sells a house to a charismatic social media influencer, the two strike up an unlikely friendship. But before long her obsession with the woman's seemingly perfect world intensifies, and the lines between online and reality become dangerously blurred. Dark comedy, starring Leanne Best.

Cast & Crew

Performer Leanne Best
Director Atri Banerjee
Executive Producer Emma Cahusac
Executive Producer Sally Angel
Producer Jessica Campbell
Producer Andrew Fettis
Writer Phoebe Eclair-Powell
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