Snackmasters: Wagon Wheel

Snackmasters: Wagon Wheel

Series 3



The classic sweet treat to be dissected, analysed and replicated this week: Wagon Wheels. Former Petrus and Le Gavroche chef Tristan Welch takes on Cyrus Todiwala of Café Spice Namasté fame, as they study the texture of the marshmallow, the crumble of the biscuit and the chocolate’s subtle resistance to melting in the hand, before trying to make their own version from scratch using all their fine dining expertise. While Fred Sirieix watches over their efforts, culminating in a taste test conducted by three ruthless, top-level Wagon Wheel executives, Jayde Adams takes a tour of the factory to find out the real answers.


Fred Sirieix sets two chefs to the challenge of replicating the Wagon Wheel, a precise combination of mallow, crumbly biscuit and chocolate. Tristan Welch, who cut his teeth with Gary Rhodes, aims to solve the problem with madcap gadgets, while Cyrus Todiwala, one of the most respected Indian chefs in the country, takes a more instinctive approach. They have seven days to perfect their replicas before a cook-off before a panel of Wagon Wheel bosses, who choose the winner. And while they're busy in the kitchen, comedian Jayde Adams goes behind the scenes to reveal how the circular snack is really made.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Fred Sirieix
Contributor Jayde Adams
Director Nick Hornby
Director Tina Flintoff
Executive Producer Sarah Eglin
Series Director Graham Smiles
Series Producer Graham Smiles
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