Too Close

Series 1 - Episode 2

Mon 17 May 9pm - 10pm Virgin Media One


The relationship between damaged Connie (Denise Gough) and her psychiatrist Emma (Emily Watson) becomes deeper and more disturbing in the second part of this intriguing thriller.

Both women are suffering, each in a very particular way. Emma is haunted by a dreadful tragedy in her recent past and takes refuge in drinking too much. Her habit is now becoming increasingly noticeable and her husband Si is worried.

Connie remains closed down and intractable, but she’s devious too, and takes advantage of Emma’s inability to keep a close eye on her belongings. But in a strange way the women start to bond over their mutual unhappiness.


Unearthing some surprising revelations, Emma becomes increasingly sympathetic to Connie's plight, but is she being manipulated into giving too much away about her own dark past? Drama, starring Emily Watson and Denise Gough.

Cast & Crew

Emma Robertson Emily Watson
Connie Mortensen Denise Gough
Ness Jones Thalissa Teixeira
James de Cadenet Karl Johnson
Karl Mortensen Jamie Sives
Si Robertson Risteárd Cooper
Dougie Thompson Ariyon Bakare
Julia de Cadenet Eileen Davies
Addy Smith 'The Squeak' Chizzy Akudolu
Dr Anita Rhys Evans Nina Wadia
Abigail Robertson Madeleine Demetriou
Josh Henry Helm
Polly Thea Barrett
Johnny Hapgood Stephen McCole
Billie Delainey Hayles
Annie Isabelle Mullally
Savannah Grace Calder
Kenneth Baines Adrian Hood
Director Sue Tully
Executive Producer Ruth Kenley-Letts
Executive Producer Kate Crowe
Executive Producer Jenny Van Der Lande
Executive Producer Clara Salaman
Executive Producer Emily Watson
Executive Producer Neil Blair
Producer Letitia Knight
Writer Clara Salaman
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