Series 2021 - Episode 15 Canals



These days you can hardly turn your TV on without coming across a documentary about someone gently chugging along one of this country’s 2,000 miles of canals. We have an enduring fascination with the slow-paced life they offer, but during the Industrial Revolution, they were a key means of transporting goods from factory to city. 

Tom Heap and Margherita Taylor look at their impact on our countryside as well as celebrating the 200th anniversary of London’s Regent’s Canal. And amphibian-loving naturalist Jack Perks, meanwhile, dives into the private world of frogs to see what they get up to in spawning season.


Tom Heap and Margherita Taylor look at the impact of canals on the history of the British countryside. They the Grand Union Canal and celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Regent's Canal, a once-commercial route that now brings a slice of countryside to the city, benefitting both residents and wildlife. Plus, wildlife cameraman Jack Perks documents some frogs, and an update on the fortunes of a family staking their future on the success of high-tech farming.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tom Heap
Presenter Margherita Taylor
Presenter Jack Perks
Series Editor Jane Lomas
Series Producer Bill Lyons