24 Hours in Police Custody

24 Hours in Police Custody

Series 11 - Episode 4



A young man is found by police at his home with a severe brain injury. He’s quickly transferred to hospital, but the chances for his survival are slim. But it’s not the first time he’s been in contact with Bedfordshire Police, and investigating officer Alicia Lawrence, who’s met him before, is posted to Major Crimes when his injuries prove fatal.

Can she and the team work out what happened between the victim and his partner from when he first visited Luton Police Station to the day of the attack, and whether more could have been done to ensure his safety? It’s another haunting case: there’s always more to criminal activity than might at first appear to be the case.


An investigating officer for Bedfordshire Police deals with the case of a man left at the brink of death following a violent incident at home, and realises the victim is a man who came to see her at the station the day before - leaving her wondering if she could have prevented the attack before it happened.

Cast & Crew

Director Poppy Begum
Executive Producer Zac Beattie
Executive Producer Simon Ford
Executive Producer Amber Ronowicz
Executive Producer Flavia Taylor