Line of Duty

Series 6 - Episode 4



Buckle up, everyone. And while you’re about it, grab some body armour, or else a cushion you can crush the life out of while you watch a belter of an episode. 

So much happens, none of which I can spell out, but there are Big Developments. Spectres from the past loom into view. There are convoys and glass box interviews. It feels more than ever like being bundled through a dark, jagged maze while writer Jed Mercurio occasionally delivers a gut punch. In short, it’s Line of Duty at its best — and with a layer of real sadness. 

We still don’t know why Jo Davidson is seemingly in league with organised crime. (Then again, you could write a book on what we still don’t know…) But in one superb scene, Ted speaks for the nation with quiet fury. His moral compass still points north.


DCI Jo Davidson faces increasing pressure from all sides as AC-12 makes major breakthroughs in the investigation. Hastings acknowledges that the disciplinary action against him put Kate and Steve in a difficult position, and a forensic report from Farida's house results in a shock.

Cast & Crew

Jo Kelly Macdonald
Steve Martin Compston
Kate Vicky McClure
Hastings Adrian Dunbar
Buckells Nigel Boyle
Chloe Shalom Brune-Franklin
Lomax Perry Fitzpatrick
Sindwhani Ace Bhatti
Wise Elizabeth Rider
Ryan Gregory Piper
Nicky Christina Chong
Jake Ben Rose
Amanda Rosa Escoda
Gail Andi Osho
Jonesy Sherise Blackman
Director Gareth Bryn
Producer Ken Horn
Writer Jed Mercurio
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