Party Line

Series 7 - Episode 10 Party Line



Dutch and Claudette find a new ally in the department's efforts to take down Vic. Ronnie wonders whether he should give up fighting and leave, while Vic tries to manipulate the situation with Pezuela and Aceveda. Michael Chiklis, Jay Karnes, CCH Pounder and David Rees Snell star.

Cast & Crew

Vic Mackey Michael Chiklis
Claudette Wyms CCH Pounder
David Aceveda Benito Martinez
Dutch Wagenbach Jay Karnes
Shane Vendrell Walton Goggins
Julien Lowe Michael Jace
Ronnie Gardocki David Rees Snell
Cruz Pezuela FJ Rio
Corrine Mackey Cathy Cahlin Ryan
Steve Billings David Marciano
Tina Hanlon Paula Garces
Mara Sewell Vendrell Michele Hicks
Olivia Murray Laurie Holden
Director Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Writer Angela Russo
Writer John Hlavin
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