The Queen Unseen

The Queen Unseen


“We will reveal the real Elizabeth,” the voiceover promises, implausibly. Still, archive research has uncovered little-seen clips, meaning we do get a more informal glimpse of the Queen than usual, if not quite the woman “hidden behind the mask of monarchy”. 

One revealing snippet shows her on tour in New Zealand in the 1950s, relaxing by a pool while her husband and Johnnie Althorp, her equerry, lark about in their trunks. The fact the latter would become Earl Spencer and Princess Diana’s father adds a layer of foreshadowing to the scene. Elsewhere commentators opine confidently on how the Queen is shy, mischievous and down-to-earth.


The Queen's coronation made her the most famous woman in the world. But her anointment, the moment she became Queen Elizabeth II, was so sacred it was hidden and not allowed to be filmed. In this documentary, a clinical psychologist unpicks her guarded body language, and lip-readers breathe new life into iconic Coronation balcony archive.

Cast & Crew

Director Roddy Williams
Executive Producer Emily Dalton
Executive Producer Claire Burnett
Producer James Allnutt