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Dragons' Den

Series 18 - Episode 2

Tomorrow 8am - 9am BBC Two


The Den is a brutal place. Evan Davis calls it the “battleground of business” and that seems a fair description. It’s confrontational, feisty and prone to chewing up the unwary and spitting them out in a lift journey of regret. 

This makes it all the more welcome when, occasionally, we’re ambushed by a human moment that feels sensitive and unexpectedly touching. I won’t say who is on the receiving end tonight, but the moment comes courtesy of Sara Davies, the youngest Dragon. Mind you, she can be cutting when she wants to be. “I think it’s absolutely brilliant,” she cheerfully tells another hopeful at one point, before bluntly adding: “My problem is you. I feel like you need a kick up your behind.”

Elsewhere there are tussles over a dental app, a low-calorie craft beer and a superfood powder. And in an excellent Mexican stand-off, Peter Jones refers to himself as a “Super Dragon”. Modest as ever.


A pair of university graduates hope that their organic superfood powders will supercharge the Dragons' pockets. A low-calorie craft lager business brews up trouble over its high valuation, a dental-minded duo demonstrate their plaque-detecting app, while there's a heartfelt pitch from an entrepreneur hoping to up-scale her range of afro and curly hair products. Whether Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Tej Lalvani, Sara Davies or Touker Suleyman will be prompted to invest in all - or any - of the products being pitched remains to be seen. Presented by Evan Davis.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Evan Davis
Deborah Meaden
Peter Jones
Touker Suleyman
Tej Lalvani
Sara Davies
Executive Producer Chi Ukairo
Series Editor Samantha Davies
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