Series 1 - Episode 4



Give this crime thriller its dues: it’s never decided whether it’s a camp rollercoaster or a chilling fable, and it needed either more episodes or fewer plotlines, but it’s rustled up a rewarding denouement. The detective leading the police investigation — whom we’ve hardly seen up to now — is closing in on Sam and Rebecca, assisted by Karen (Sally Lindsay), the cop who’s always thought the couple were suspicious. With her husband panicking even more than usual, Rebecca (Elaine Cassidy) needs to stay in control. 

There’s another shock that, like Intruder generally, almost makes sense if you don’t sit and analyse it. But with daft dramas like this, picking them apart is half the fun.


Rebecca decides she and Sam must plan a speedy escape, and Bailey is on the cusp of finding the vital evidence she needs. However, the apathy of her bosses means she must confront the evil alone. Thriller, starring Elaine Cassidy, Tom Meeten and Sally Lindsay. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Rebecca Elaine Cassidy
Bailey Sally Lindsay
Sam Tom Meeten
Angela Helen Behan
Director Gareth Tunley
Executive Producer Mike Benson
Executive Producer David Collins
Producer Julie Ryan
Writer Gareth Tunley
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