Mavericks - The Legendary Promoters of Rock

Mavericks - The Legendary Promoters of Rock


Thanks to Led Zep’s Peter Grant and Spinal Tap’s Ian Faith, there’s a long-running stereotype of the classic-era rock promoter/manager as a hard-nosed, cricket bat-wielding tough guy. Well, here’s a glimpse into the everyday reality. And, thankfully, it appears there’s more than a pinch of truth to the cliché.

Characters featured include Frank Barsalona, who started as a child yodeller and got into booking acts “so he could yodel his way through college”. You couldn’t make it up. It’s also worth pausing to check out the gig poster detail: Jimi Hendrix supporting Engelbert Humperdinck alongside “a juggling act”? Here’s my cash, and I’ll take a T-shirt too.


Documentary about the people who developed the rock concert touring business, with contributions by Carlos Santana, Jon Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews and Bob Geldof.