Thundercats Roar!

Sword Heist/Claudus/The First Thunds-giving/Mall-Ra

Series 1 Sword Heist/Claudus/The First Thunds-giving/Mall-Ra



When a local sword shop sells an ultra powerful sword to Ratar-O, Lion-O decides he has to steal it before Ratar-O can come pick it up. Unfortunately, Lion-O is against stealing. / Lion-O's dad arrives on Third Earth and turns out to be a big selfish jerk! Now Lion-O has to deal with his dad before he goes to war with the rest of the ThunderCats. / Tygra is furious after the other ThunderCats eat the last of his Thunderian ingredients. To make it up to him they go hunting for substitutes on Third Earth. / Mumm-Ra builds a mall that's actually a giant labyrinth designed to trap the ThunderCats forever. Too bad the ThunderCats love the mall so much.