Death in Paradise

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Wicked Wedding Night

Series 1 - Episode 2 Wicked Wedding Night



Yes, I know, I know, it would be so easy to shred Death in Paradise into teeny-tiny pieces. It’s fluffy, its central conceit is one of the oldest in movie and TV history (the stuffed-shirt-fish-out-of-water-in-tropical-heaven) and Scooby-Doo would scoff at its central murder mysteries. But I love it, so I’ll leave the shredding to others and we can enjoy the sunny escapism and gentle humour together.

If angels had perfect comic timing, they still couldn’t get within beating-wings distance of Ben Miller, who is just right as buttoned-up (literally) Detective Richard Poole, still stomping along the sands of lovely Saint-Marie in his suit and tie, searching for a decent cup of tea and wishing he was back home in England.

But Poole and his tiny police department are galvanised by the death of a British bride, shot through the heart with a spear gun as she stands on her hotel balcony, resplendent in her wedding dress. Everyone is a suspect and there’s a classic “let’s gather everyone together in a room” unmasking.


British DI Richard Poole is trying to get used to his new Caribbean surroundings when news comes through of another murder - a bride shot through the heart with a spear gun just hours after getting married. Teaming up with Camille, Richard quickly establishes no one entered or left the fifth floor of the hotel where she was celebrating, meaning one of the wedding guests must have been responsible. Mystery drama, starring Ben Miller and Sara Martins, with Frances Barber, Matt Di Angelo and Paterson Joseph.

Cast & Crew

DI Richard Poole Ben Miller
Camille Bordey Sara Martins
Dwayne Myers Danny John-Jules
Fidel Best Gary Carr
Diana Watson Frances Barber
Mike Watson Robert Pugh
William Paterson Joseph
Darren Moore Matt Di Angelo
Catherine Elizabeth Bourgine
Lisa Watson Charlotte Salt
Sally Watson Alice Henley
Adam Fairs Luke Allen-Gale
Stefan Daniel O'Connor
Margaret Camilla Marie Beeput
Hotel manager Joseph Mydell
Registrar Aminata Toure
Director Roger Goldby
Producer Matthew Bird
Writer Robert Thorogood
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