Midsomer Murders

A Sacred Trust

Series 14 - Episode 7 A Sacred Trust



Death stalks the cloistered Midsomer Priory, as Barnaby and Jones discover when Mother Thomas Aquinas is found strangled in the chicken coop. The only clues they have to go on are a missing pair of trousers, stolen antique silver and a spliff found in a nearby dingly dell.

Midsomer Murders may be a load of guff, but – like the nuns who people this week’s mystery – I find it hard to get out of the habit. Also, DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) is still the benchmark of bland. “I don’t do jokes, Jones,” he tells his assistant. He doesn’t do charisma either and seems content to mooch around looking like a more jowly, weather-beaten version of David Cameron.


Barnaby and Jones investigate the cloistered world of Midsomer Priory when a nun is found strangled. The detectives uncover a complex mystery involving holy orders, teenage romantic liaisons, African art and missing antique silver as the community is forced to open its doors to 21st-century policing. Former EastEnders actor Cliff Parisi (Minty) guest stars alongside Neil Dudgeon and Jason Hughes.

Cast & Crew

DCI John Barnaby Neil Dudgeon
DS Ben Jones Jason Hughes
Sarah Barnaby Fiona Dolman
Kate Wilding Tamzin Malleson
Duncan Hendred Jamie Blackley
Tamsin Bickford Martha Mackintosh
Mother Julian Joanna David
Sister Catherine Fiona Glascott
Mother Thomas Susan Sheridan
Mother Jerome Rosalind Knight
Katy Hannah Arterton
Peter De Winter Phillip Anthony
Father Behan Michael Colgan
Barry Cliff Parisi
Colin Fleming Tom Knight
Serena Fleming Louise Bengay
Lauren Hendred Emma Davies
Matthew Hendred George Irving
Callum Josh Parris
George Norrington Richard Walsh
Delia Norrington Jessica Turner
Bishop Graves Hugh Ross
Young mother Julian Zoe Lister
Director Renny Rye
Producer Brian True-May
Writer Rachel Cuperman
Writer Sally Griffiths
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