Breaking Bread

Series 4 - Episode 5 Breaking Bread



A luncheon given by the area's new police caterers for local bigwigs is sabotaged, leaving Crabbe spoiled for choice when it comes to suspects. Detective drama, starring Richard Griffiths, Maggie Steed and Malcolm Sinclair.

Cast & Crew

Henry Crabbe Richard Griffiths
Margaret Crabbe Maggie Steed
Freddy Fisher Malcolm Sinclair
Sophia Cambridge Bella Enahoro
Nicola Samantha Womack
Gary Palmer Nicholas Lamont
Geoff Reece Steven Pacey
Flora McKee Susannah Doyle
Mel Reece Fiona Mollison
Tom Selly Geoffrey Leesley
Chief Inspector Deedes Gregor Truter
Kirsty Lomax Brigid Duffy
Eddie York Robert McCulley
Director Paul Harrison
Writer Robert Jones
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