The Thirteenth Step

Series 23 - Episode 2 The Thirteenth Step



Ex-convict Eddie Monroe, a loner seeking to make amends for his shady past, is found stabbed to death in a Govan alleyway. Burke develops a growing conviction that retired policeman Angus Ford is somehow involved in the murder - but in the course of uncovering the truth, he is forced to confront demons of his own. Drama, starring Blythe Duff and John Michie.

Cast & Crew

DS Jackie Reid Blythe Duff
DI Robbie Ross John Michie
DCI Matt Burke Alex Norton
DC Stuart Fraser Colin McCredie
Angus Ford Andrew Neil
Grace Tulloch Julie Miller
Daniel Tulloch Kenneth Bryans
Liam Tulloch Jonathan Holt
Iain Gallen Robert Willox
Eddie Monroe James Sutherland
Landlord Andrew Townsley
Kathryn Denise Nicolson
Loomis Andy Arnold
Kieran Mick Burns
Fr McGrath Father John Caroll
Pawnshop owner Harry Ward
Shopkeeper Razwan Shafi
Director Justin Molotnikov
Executive Producer Eric Coulter
Producer Graeme Gordon
Writer Rob Fraser
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