World War II: The Last Heroes

World War II: The Last Heroes

Series 1 - Episode 2



In the pretentious narration, the war’s survivors, the men who fought in bloody battles, are described as “all around, hidden in plain view”. But they aren’t, are they? They’re just there. Such pomposity does these remarkable men a disservice and detracts from tales of immense courage.

So many of these men were little more than kids when they were sent to fight. And so many watched their comrades die often terrible deaths at the Battle of Caen. The guilt still smarts but there was an acceptance of death: “We’d eat together, sleep together and
die together if necessary.”


A veteran who left school in Liverpool to join his heroes the Desert Rats discusses the problems he and his comrades faced when using British tanks, and the seemingly indestructible nature of their German counterparts. A Canadian former stretcher-bearer reveals how he narrowly avoided being the victim of an Allied air attack in the days before precision bombing.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Paul Wooding
Series Producer Jeremy Llewllyn-Jones