Part Six

Series 1 - Episode 6 Part Six



New Orleans judge Michael’s world is crumbling. He’s losing his better self, stage by stage, in the hope of saving his son. This week he hunts for the man who has been blackmailing him, but doesn’t realise that mob boss Jimmy Baxter’s dead-eyed henchman is tailing his every move. Meanwhile, in a symmetrical plot development so neat it needs good acting to pull off, Michael’s son has fallen for Baxter’s daughter, which can’t end well. 

And the theme that ticks away under the whole sorry tale is summed up in one exchange about being a parent: kids are a gift, sure, but “That level of love can crack you open. Make you someone you never thought you’d be.” Not always a good thing. 


Adam spends the day with a dangerous new love interest, and Michael searches for his blackmailer. Meanwhile, Lee ramps up her involvement in Kofi's case.