Scotland's Scenic Railways

Scotland's Scenic Railways

Series 2 - Episode 3



The prettiest of all TV’s many documentaries about railways and the adorable enthusiasts who work on them continues, located primarily this week along the east Fife coastal railway. There are plans to reopen part of the line, which is good news both for those concerned with the past, in the form of the area’s link to the golden age of steam, and the future, as Scotland looks to move away from cars and back to more sustainable travel. 

Mother Nature’s not entirely behind the project, however, since one of the problems to be overcome is the prospect of beavers causing the tracks to flood.

Meanwhile, Melanie the trainee conductor hopes to move up in the world of trains, and the piper and dancers of the Atholl Highlanders rock King’s Cross.


A historic section of the East Fife coastal railway is prepared for reopening in a celebration of the golden age of steam. However, the presence of beavers living beneath the line threatens to cause disastrous flooding. Trainee conductor Melanie attempts to join the ranks of Scotland's train crew, and the piper and dancers of the Atholl Highlanders perform a tartan takeover at King's Cross station.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Chris Kelly
Producer Vanda Kettelhut