Bangers and Cash

Bangers and Cash

Series 4 - Episode 5



There are often sorrowful partings when owners sell cars that have been roosting in garages or sheds for decades. The owner of a pristine Ford Escort estate that hasn’t been driven for 20 years and has only 15,000 miles on the clock has a tear in his eye as it’s removed for auction at Mathewson’s in North Yorkshire.

The car belonged to his mum, who’s died, and the farewell is emotional as he remembers, “No one was allowed to drive it apart from my mum.”

As the episode of this cheerful series was filmed pre-Covid, the auctions are packed, but not everyone comes for a car. For some, it’s all about the memorabilia and the scale models.


Dave goes to Wales to bag a Sierra Cosworth, a sought-after car in the bidding market. Dad Derek gets his hands on a more sedate 1926 Standard Tourer - a quirky little motor.