Britain's Tiger Kings - On the Trail with Ross Kemp

Britain's Tiger Kings - On the Trail with Ross Kemp

Series 1 - Episode 1



Businessman and big-cat owner Reece Oliver shows Ross Kemp how he likes to relax – he lies in a hot tub, gazing at his animals. Kemp looks on gingerly and observes: “It does look slightly decadent, you in your hot tub, looking at your lions.”

Kemp has wandered into a strange and sometimes disturbing world as he hunts the British equivalent of the American tiger breeder and television personality Joe Exotic. Which is why he’s standing by the M1 in Nottinghamshire as Oliver surveys his empire of big cats, all bought perfectly easily and legally.

His neighbours don’t approve, particularly as Oliver wants to expand his private zoo. But Oliver doesn’t care: “I’m a bit unique. I like to take risks.”

Kemp also visits a scrap metal business owner’s Lincolnshire zoo, and goes into the ring to face a lion in a German circus.


Part one of two. Ross meets people who own exotic big cats in Britain, including an ex-circus trainer who owns five tigers and a man who keeps lions in his back garden. He also meets a couple with a vast menagerie made from scrap, before taking a step inside a lion's cage.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ross Kemp
Director Johnny McDevitt
Executive Producer Ed Taylor
Executive Producer Ross Kemp
Producer Johnny McDevitt