Building the Dream

Building the Dream

Series 10 - Episode 1



Charlie Luxton’s back offering ideas and advice to amateur home-builders. But these sometimes come at a cost, as Hertfordshire retirees Wendy and Bob are about to discover. They plan to build a new dormer bungalow in the garden of their existing house, but Luxton’s first suggestion means their build is delayed by almost a year while they resubmit plans, and they’re forced to take on most of the work themselves: “Thanks, Charlie,” says Wendy, through lightly gritted teeth.
And Luxton keeps coming up with schemes that add to the stress – a zinc-lined dormer here, different kitchen cabinet frontages there. But somehow the resourceful and creative couple keep smiling, even when their budget becomes impossibly stretched.  


Charlie Luxton helps more people as they build affordable dream homes. He begins in Hertfordshire with retired firefighter Bob and his wife Wendy, who spent years looking for the perfect building plot - until they found it in their back garden. They want somewhere to play music, paint and write, but they soon find themselves facing an ever-expanding budget to finish the house.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Charlie Luxton
Series Producer James Knight