Would I Lie to You?

Would I Lie to You?

Series 5 - Episode 6



I once sat through an edition of Would I Lie to You?? without laughing. No, you’re right — that’s a lie. You try keeping a straight face as Sarah Millican tells the story of what she did when caught short while stuck in her car in a traffic jam. Or as Jon Richardson turns into “Trevor Travel-Planner” in his attempt to discredit Frank Skinner’s tale about being taken to A&E in an ice-cream van while on holiday. But it’s Lee Mack and David Mitchell who steal everyone’s thunder with their by now familiar posh-versus-common, southern-versus-northern tirades.


Team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack are joined by birdwatcher Bill Oddie and comedians Frank Skinner, Jon Richardson and Sarah Millican on the comedy panel show. Rob Brydon chairs as the contestants try to hoodwink their opponents with absurd facts and plausible lies about themselves.

Cast & Crew

Team Captain David Mitchell
Team Captain Lee Mack
Panellist Bill Oddie
Panellist Frank Skinner
Panellist Jon Richardson
Panellist Sarah Millican
Host Rob Brydon
Executive Producer Peter Holmes
Executive Producer Ruth Phillips
Series Producer Rachel Ablett
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