Chris Packham's Animal Einsteins

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Social Networkers

Series 1 - Episode 4 Social Networkers



This week Chris Packham looks at different ways that animals win friends and interact. Among his top social influencers are flamingos, who we learn have just a few close friends despite living in a flock of thousands, while spotted hyenas play the political angles to win power. 

Ants have apparently worked out how to use social distancing to prevent disease spreading – a trick humans have yet to master entirely. And lions, we learn, take their assigned positions in a hunt like players in a sports team. 

For a less subtle take on a similar theme, Sky Nature has (also at 7pm) a new series called How Animals Talk to Each Other, which starts by looking at how different species use sounds and body language to alert each other to danger.


Chris Packham shines a light on some of the species that show how brainpower, ingenuity and clever tactics are just as important as brawn in the daily battle for survival. Spotted hyenas play politics to gain power, and the female with the most friends rules their group, while being a team player can help when it comes to getting a meal - as demonstrated by vampire bats, who share mouthfuls of blood with strangers in the hope of building a bond and receiving the favour in return.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Chris Packham
Executive Producer Rosemary Edwards
Producer James Vale
Series Producer Joanne Stevens