Emma Willis: Delivering Babies in 2020

Emma Willis: Delivering Babies in 2020

Series 1 - Episode 2

Mon 8 Mar 6pm - 7pm W


Since the beginning of the pandemic, hospitals have become synonymous with fear and stress. ICUs brimming with the critically unwell and overworked staff dressed in PPE appear daily on our screens. But this programme gives us a glimpse into the hospital unit providing hope and joy to its patients, as mothers give birth during the pandemic.

This week host Emma Willis meets first-time parents Neville and Rebecca, whose pregnancy has had complications following her diagnosis with type-1 diabetes. It’s a stressful episode – especially with the arrival of the resuscitation team at the birth – but one that will ultimately leave you cooing over the couple’s beautiful new arrival. The real charmer is Neville – whose unwavering adoration for his new-born, Olivia, is heart-warming and infectious.


A second-time mum is hoping to avoid giving birth via caesarean section again. Rebecca and Neville are expecting their first child and it's not without complications.