The Cold Caller

Series 4 - Episode 5 The Cold Caller



There are points in a good episode when Outnumbered picks up enough farcical momentum to snowball into something glorious. Here it happens when three storylines intertwine. Revealing what two of them are would spoil things, but the third and funniest involves Ben trying to work out an act for his school talent contest.

Should he try sword swallowing? Or singing? (Daniel Roche does a fine Louis Armstrong.) Perhaps he should juggle lobsters and crabs? Or conduct a choir of parrots? The idea Ben finally settles on sends Roche off on a minor tour de force with some lovely old-school gags and comedy business that’s all his own.


Ben is determined to enter a talent competition at school with an unusual double act, Sue suspects Jake is hiding something, and two unexpected callers complicate matters for the entire family. Comedy, starring Hugh Dennis, Claire Skinner and Daniel Roche.

Cast & Crew

Pete Hugh Dennis
Sue Claire Skinner
Ben Daniel Roche
Jake Tyger Drew-Honey
Karen Ramona Marquez
Angela Samantha Bond
Misty Josephine Kook-Clark
Armitage Pip Torrens
Director Andy Hamilton
Director Guy Jenkin
Producer Andy Hamilton
Producer Guy Jenkin
Writer Andy Hamilton
Writer Guy Jenkin
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