Month 8  -  Independence

Series 2 - Episode 9 Month 8 - Independence



Join eight-month-old Myles and Iffah as they discover the world around them and begin to gain some independence. Both children start the day with some breakfast. Myles’ mum is back to work for the first time since he was born, so he’s spending the day with dad. After breakfast, Iffah and her brother Walli play together - he does a drawing while she plays with her toy duck. Meanwhile, Myles and his dad heads to a local park, where they look at the lake and see lots of different birds. Iffah’s family go to an indoor play area, where Iffah has fun playing in the ball pool. When Myles and his dad arrive at great grandma’s house, Myles reads a book with grandma and even turns the pages all on his own! After they join up with mum, they all visit a quarry to feed some fish. Iffah finishes the day with her family at a petting farm, where she gets to stroke an alpaca.