Month 5-Strength

Series 2 - Episode 6 Month 5-Strength



Join Emily and Matthew as they discover the world around them at five months old and get stronger every day. Emily has a fun day exploring the great outdoors with her brother, sister, mum and dad. They start their day by playing with a ball, rolling it backwards and forwards between them. Emily even manages to push it away too! Meanwhile, Matthew and his family go to a local play cafe where they have fun in a colourful ball pit. Once Emily's family head out for a walk, they find a beautiful waterfall and stream and decide to have a boat race - but who will come out as the winner? When Matthew arrives at a park, he gets the chance to ride a steam train and find out how they make it go! We then follow Emily as she attends a Baby yoga class with her mum and sister. They learn how to strengthen those baby muscles before singing some songs and bouncing on a giant yoga ball. Matthew finishes his day by going down to the beach to help his siblings build a sandcastle.