Million Pound Pawn

Million Pound Pawn

Series 1 - Episode 1



Recently, lots of us have been selling stuff online to raise cash. But if you’re really asset rich/cash-poor – a business owner or even an ex-pop star like Black Lace’s Dene, who’s flogging his Rolex – you might use one of the UK’s 800 pawn brokers to raise some dosh quickly and without credit checks.
They don’t go to back alley dives of course, but to upmarket establishments that handle designer handbags, art and diamond earrings worth thousands. And in the case of a 26-year-old’s Lamborghini, over £200k. Or not, because inevitably there are disappointments. As one pawn broker, says, “I’m going to go as low as I can without pulling your pants down.”      


Documentary series about pawnbrokers and their customers, and the impact the economic crisis has had on the trade. In the first episode, a businessman tries to sell his prized Lamborghini to veteran pawnbroker Ray, who knows he can only afford to take the car if he can find a buyer. A woman tries to sell a watch that could be valuable to a life-changing amount - but could also be a fake. A former 1980s pop star fallen on hard times visits a pawnbroker to raise some much-needed funds.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer David Clews
Executive Producer Nic Patten
Series Director Sam Roubicek
Series Producer Naomi Templeton