Series 3 - Episode 6



This brutal and unpleasant crime drama throws us back 18 months, to the end of the last series when Marcella was living rough in parka in a freezing underpass.

She’s committed atrocities on her fringe and subjected herself to a brutal act of self-harm before being discovered by the mysterious Frank (Hugo Speer) who literally picks her up and grooms her for undercover work. But his motives are mysteriously woolly…

The episode starts to fill us in on gaps in Marcella/Keira’s (Anna Friel) story, leading up to how she became cosy with a Belfast crime dynasty. 

Back in the present Keira tries to help a vulnerable member of the family escapes its savage clutches.


The detective realises the extent to which her past is still haunting her, as the origins of her Keira persona are brought to light, as she looks back on how Frank recruited her after she killed her own baby. In the present, Marcella discovers she has a tattoo on her back which she has no memory of getting, and which could blow her cover if seen. Crime drama, starring Anna Friel.

Cast & Crew

Marcella Backland Anna Friel
DI Rav Sangha Ray Panthaki
Katherine Maguire Amanda Burton
Frank Young Hugo Speer
Finn Maguire Aaron McCusker
Stacey Barrett Kelly Gough
Rory Maguire Michael Colgan
Jack Healy Laurence Kinlan
Director Ashley Pearce
Producer Amanda Black
Writer Matthew Thomas
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