Forensics: The Real CSI

Forensics: The Real CSI

Series 2 - Episode 3

Tuesday 2:25am - 3:25am BBC Two


It’s typical of this series that at one point it gives us quite a detailed chemistry lesson on the process involved in testing clothing for bloodstains; how you fold the filter paper, the chemicals involved (leucomalachite green and hydrogen peroxide, since you ask) the stages of the test, and so on. The power of it comes from the contrast between that precise, painstaking approach of the forensic scientists and the bloody violence they are trying to make sense of. 

This week’s case is another seemingly unprovoked knife attack, this time in the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham, where a woman calls 999 to report that a man has been stabbed in his flat during a party. There are a number of witnesses, but all of them drunk, so physical evidence will be crucial to the case. Investigators get to work on fingerprints in blood left at the scene.


A man is murdered for no apparent reason by a guest at a party. Detectives use CCTV and financial transactions to track the suspect and arrest him just before he flees the country. The forensic team employ a mixture of traditional and digital forensics to try to determine whether or not the witnesses are telling the truth. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Siobhan Finneran
Director Aoife Carey
Director Jules Endersby
Director Matt Haan
Editor Asim Ali
Editor Denis McWilliams
Executive Producer David Hodgkinson
Series Producer Natalie Maynes
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