First Dates

Series 16 - Episode 6



I failed miserably at the will they/won’t they game this week. With awkward silences at one table and a problem with accents at another, I thought there was no chance of a second date for either. But clearly there was a spark that I missed. 

Even when you get it all wrong, this is great people-watching TV. The daters include Big Narstie’s 20-year-old cousin who mistakenly chats to a girl who isn’t his date, an 83-year-old former pin-up model who still looks amazing (“I’m the same weight and shape but it all needs a good ironing!”), and a very camp housekeeper who the waiters decide looks like Prince. No raspberry beret though. 


Big Narstie's unlucky in love cousin goes on a date with an office manager whose online confidence does not extend to real life. An 83-year-old former pin-up model seeks a man who can keep up with her hectic lifestyle and loves long walks - a date with his own personal trainer may just be what she needs. A midwife hoping to have children of her own dates a former strongman, and two men with a love of dancing bond over their matching outfits.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Jon Crisp
Series Editor Neil Rubenstein
Series Producer Ian Osprey