One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 3 - Episode 4



We’ve met some striking characters so far in a series that shouts “Leeds!” in a way that the previous ones didn’t shout “Southampton!” Tonight, though, both expectant mothers are looking down the barrel of some serious postpartum challenges.

Halinka, 27, is in hospital to have her fifth baby, which has produced mild but insistent terror. Tricia, 40, who was knocked over at 13 and suffered a brain injury and serious mobility problems as a result, has a nagging worry, too. She and husband Steven have been through IVF and miscarriages, but she is terrified that her new baby will be taken away. It’s the staff’s job to reassure her as she struggles through a gruelling labour, and they do so brilliantly.


A woman with limited movement on her left side, resulting from a car accident when she was a teenager, prepares to give birth for the first time following many rounds of IVF treatment. Emotions run high as she fears her disability will lead to the baby being taken into care. Meanwhile, a mother anticipates the arrival of her fifth child, but because she has a condition known as spontaneous fast labour, the baby could arrive at very short notice.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Peter Moore
Series Director David Brindley
Series Producer Dominique Foster