The Fabulous Baker Brothers

The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Series 1 - Episode 4



It’s not Tom and Henry Herbert’s fault that they’re conventionally attractive, but it ain’t half distracting. From an ostensibly instructive half-hour, we come away knowing that (a) you shouldn’t turn meat when you’re trying to brown it and (b) navy with a light dusting of flour is a great colour for brunette bakers.

Tonight the brothers show off some of their slow-cooking recipes, including pulled pork with home-made pitta and treacly steamed pudding, and Tom offers a quick-fire guide to sourdough that actually makes it look easy. Their pie competition involves feeding seven triathletes, apparently mid-run – surely a recipe for indigestion?


Tom and Henry Herbert focus on food that takes a long time to prepare, including slow-cooked pulled pork stuffed into home-made pitta bread and a loaf baked with the family's 56-year-old sourdough culture. They also create a traditional steamed pudding soaked in flaming alcohol with a toffee sauce, and make savoury pies for seven triathletes in the latest round of the pie wars.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Henry Herbert
Presenter Tom Herbert
Director Ben Warwick
Executive Producer Neil Smith
Series Producer Emma Vulliamy