Check Out Time

Series 1 - Episode 3 Check Out Time



Three episodes in and a pattern is definitely emerging: Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) will attend a murder site looking moody in a vest top. Then, back at the police station, she’ll cock her head to one side, slacken her jaw and treat us to a slow-mo, mind’s-eye replay of the crime scene where she’ll home in on a vital clue.

I think the programme-makers are trying to turn this motif into Unforgettable’s version of a CSI camera body dive, but there’s a danger of it becoming a little bit repetitive. Still, at least the cases themselves remain of interest: tonight’s story takes in murder, attempted rape, a tragic adoption and a media brouhaha.


A hotel maid accused of killing a guest tells the detectives that she was fighting off an attacker who was trying to rape her. Carrie takes the on the case in a bid to find out the truth of it. However at the same time, it could be troublesome for the matter Al is investigating, as a series of intricately connected blackmail schemes is revealed. Poppy Montgomey stars.

Cast & Crew

Carrie Wells Poppy Montgomery
Det Al Burns Dylan Walsh
Mike Costello Michael Gaston
Roe Saunders Kevin Rankin
Nina Inara Daiya Vaidya
Miles Berkowitz Joseph Amato
Sandra Smith Heidi Armbruster
Maria Ortiz Victoria Cartagena
Lina Dahlia Chacon
Debi Moser Linda Emond
Joey Michael Lewis
Brett Langley Stephen Mailer
Thad Ralston Christopher McCann
NYPD officer Carl Ducena
Homeless guy Marty Krzywonos
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