Room 101

Series 1 - Episode 2



Gregg Wallace, Sarah Millican and Gabby Logan  compete to convince Frank Skinner to consign their bêtes noires to oblivion. But Wallace brings a curmudgeonly, grumpy-old-man air to his nominations for the imaginary vault-of-loathing beneath the stage. His pet hates involve “old people in front of you at cash machines” and “all live music concerts”: both ideas that tip over from admirably controversial to downright mean.

Millican rails against experts who befuddle her, Logan  trashes Olympics moaners, and there’s a guest appearance from the London Vegetable Orchestra – people in bow ties playing a tune on pumpkins. It’s better than you’d think.


MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace, sports presenter Gabby Logan and comedienne Sarah Millican join Frank Skinner for the comedy panel show, competing to banish their pet hates - which include people at cashpoints, barbecues, shop assistants, buffets and anti-social cats - to the infamous room.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Guest Gregg Wallace
Guest Gabby Logan
Guest Sarah Millican
Director Paul Wheeler
Executive Producer Richard Wilson
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Producer Adam Copeland
Series Producer Stu Mather
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