Room 101

Series 1 - Episode 1



There’s a moment when guest Danny Baker suggests that TV panel shows – “those with bottom-of-the bill comedians” – should be banished to Room 101 oblivion. It causes more than a ripple of concern. “If I put panel shows in, I’m going to be out of work, plus I don’t know what’ll happen to this show. We’ll just have to close down,” argues host Frank Skinner. And that would be a shame because the show’s revamp has given it a new lease of life.

The main change is that there are three celebrity guests (Fern Britton and the wonderful Robert Webb joining Baker this time) all vying to get their pet peeves consigned to the Orwellian dumpster. So discussions are livelier and – inevitably – funnier as they squabble over each submission and spark off each other. However, you may be baffled by how many Action Man and Barbie dolls pop up as props because Skinner successfully binned them when he appeared on the show in 1995.


Frank Skinner welcomes TV presenter Fern Britton, comic actor Robert Webb and broadcaster Danny Baker to discuss their pet hates, in the hope of having them banished to Room 101.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Guest Fern Britton
Guest Robert Webb
Guest Danny Baker
Director Ian Lorimer
Executive Producer Richard Wilson
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Producer Adam Copeland
Series Producer Stu Mather
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