The Fabulous Baker Brothers

The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Series 1 - Episode 3



Channel 4 long ago cornered the market in macho cooks, but poor old Hugh and Jamie appear positively mumsy alongside the hunky Herbert brothers. In their cavernous kitchen in Gloucestershire, they knead dough with bulging biceps, chuck around ingredients (measuring is clearly for wimps) and battle it out in a weekly pie-making contest. Everything is baked in a wood-fired oven, then torn into chunks for the brothers to feast upon (slicing bread is also for wimps).

Not salivating yet? Wait until you get an eyeful of the menu: romance on a plate. The pair dish up the ultimate breakfast in bed, eggs Benedict and spinach muffins followed by gooey chocolate pots and a “get out of trouble” cake, and attempt to win over local hairdressers with their sweet pies. It’s lip-licking fare (and the food looks tasty, too).


Tom and Henry Herbert cook romantic food, including a breakfast in bed with eggs Benedict, Hollandaise sauce and spinach muffins. They also prepare melt-in-the-middle chocolate pots, whip up a slow-cooked cassoulet with duck and sausages, and try to impress five hairdressers in the latest round of the pie wars.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tom Herbert
Presenter Henry Herbert
Director Ben Warwick
Executive Producer Neil Smith
Series Producer Emma Vulliamy