Great Barrier Reef

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Reef and Beyond

Series 1 - Episode 3 Reef and Beyond



It’s not just the sights that are extraordinary; the sounds are a revelation, too. It turns out that the call of the dwarf minke whale is a kind of rubbery twang.

It sounds a bit like the slap bass they played between scenes on Seinfeld, and not at all what you expect of whale song, as Monty Halls discovers in a close encounter with the creatures. The green turtle makes a very sad gasping noise, too, perhaps understandably, as she hauls herself up a beach to dig a pit for her 100 eggs.

We follow the fortunes of those eggs and the sweet hatchlings that emerge two months later, for some of whom (younger viewers beware) life is very short indeed.


Monty Halls reveals how the Great Barrier Reef is vitally linked to the rest of the planet in many ways. Creatures travel thousands of miles to visit, from tiger sharks, great whales and seabirds to the largest green-turtle gathering on Earth and rarely seen alien-like creatures, such as the tentacled nautilus. The reef is also affected by weather systems travelling from across the Pacific, including cyclones that bring destruction and chaos to the coral and the creatures that live on it. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Monty Halls
Executive Producer Neil Nightingale
Series Producer James Brickell