Series 1 - Episode 2



Episode two of life in Pontyberry, first shown in January, showed that Ruth Jones had pretty much nailed the whole comedy drama thing: rooting as we are for the unglamorous, impoverished, unlucky, impetuous, honest Stella, we’re keenly involved in her troubles.

In this instalment it’s her daughter’s engagement party, from which Stella has managed to get herself barred. The drama’s peppered with laughs without awkward shifts of tone, so we’re not in that deathly no man’s land, somewhere between funny and dramatic. Stella is effortlessly both.


The single mum struggles to come to terms with the seriousness of daughter Emma's relationship with Sunil following her shock announcement, and a meeting with his parents fails to ease her concerns. Meanwhile, Paula's stolen hearse turns up sporting a new look, before Harley-riding Sean comes to the rescue when Stella suffers car trouble of her own. Comedy drama set in the south Wales valleys, starring Ruth Jones.

Cast & Crew

Stella Ruth Jones
Paula Elizabeth Berrington
Dai Owen Teale
Luke Craig Gallivan
Emma Catrin Stewart
Ben Justin Davies
Sunil Rory Girvan
Karl Julian Lewis Jones
Nadine Karen Paullada
Alan Steve Speirs
Sean Kenny Doughty
Ken Michael Elwyn
Meg Maggie Steed
Tanisha Sudha Buchar
Jagadeesh Pal Aron
Jasminder Taj Atwal
Little Alan Daniel Gammond
Director Sue Tully
Producer David Peet
Writer Ruth Jones
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