Gold Finger

Series 8 - Episode 1 Gold Finger



Each year, as we're slumped in a despondent post-Christmas heap, Hustle arrives to lift the January blues. It’s the TV equivalent of those pick-me-ups Jeeves used to give Bertie Wooster to dispel hangovers, except that in Hustle's case the pick-me-up has the depth and subtlety of a saucer of Babycham. 

Still, bubbly, insubstantial fare is what's called for right now and the beauty of Hustle is that it never pretends to be what it isn't. The slick visuals, the featherweight plots, the cocktail music bubbling behind every scene, the winks at the camera - it's all a bit of a lark, but a bit of a lark that six million of us watch, enjoy and can then instantly forget.

We must enjoy it while it lasts: this eighth series is set to be Hustle's swansong. It opens with our gang fleecing a spoilt rich kid using an Olympics-related scam, then moves on to a long-con on a dodgy cash-for-gold merchant, played with relish by Paterson Joseph. Plus, surreally, there's a cameo from former Liverpool striker Ian Rush. 

Note: this programme was originally due to air on Friday 6 January.


The grifters return for one last round of cons, targeting the greedy and corrupt with intricate scams to exact revenge for their victims - and making a bit of cash for themselves in the process. They begin by taking on a dealer who is famous for parting the elderly from their possessions for a pittance and trading stolen gold for a huge profit. Keen to give him a taste of his own medicine, the con artists pose as a renegade army unit, and soon have the crook champing at the bit with the promise of a consignment of looted Libyan treasure. Adrian Lester, Robert Vaughn and Robert Glenister star.

Cast & Crew

Mickey Stone Adrian Lester
Albert Stroller Robert Vaughn
Ash Morgan Robert Glenister
Sean Kennedy Matt Di Angelo
Emma Kennedy Kelly Adams
Eddie Rob Jarvis
Dexter Gold Paterson Joseph
Heinz Pip Torrens
Barry Harry Hepple
Tamara Hexton-Pilkington Hermione Gulliford
Phoebe Hexton-Pilkington Isabella Parriss
Arnie Cliff Parisi
Vivienne Marchant Marlene Sidaway
Shania Ella Ainsworth
Security guard Andy Dowbiggin
Farmer Paula Wharton
Director Alrick Riley
Producer Jane Hudson
Writer Tony Jordan
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