Absolutely Fabulous


Series 6 - Episode 2 Job



Less hysterical than the first in this revival series (I can live without Patsy’s mirthless workmates and an egregiously OTT Bubble), this second serving dishes up some camp froth.

“Sort of singer” Emma Bunton and Lulu guest-star, while staggering on set with a massive wig and smoky French accent is Lindsay Duncan as film star Jeanne Durand. The effect is stunning: think Faye Dunaway essaying Marlene Dietrich. Jeanne wants to sing, Eddy has booked the Albert Hall, but nothing comes out of the blessed chanteuse’s mouth. What to do?


Edina's client list is getting shorter by the day, and to make matters worse, her daughter despises her. So when she meets a famous French film star whom Saffy hugely admires, she believes the best way to earn back some respect - and increase her income at the same time - is to sign the actress as a client. The only problem is, the woman's talents turn out to be rather questionable. Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley and Julia Sawalha star.

Cast & Crew

Edina Monsoon Jennifer Saunders
Patsy Stone Joanna Lumley
Saffron Monsoon Julia Sawalha
Mother June Whitfield
Bubble Jane Horrocks
Fleur Harriet Thorpe
Catriona Helen Lederer
Jeanne Durand Lindsay Duncan
Beautician Llewella Gideon
Royal Albert Hall manager Patricia Potter
Patsy's intern Rose Johnson
Bubble's intern Camille Ucan
Hannah Hannah Dodd
Pianist Richard Sisson
Agent Femi Oyeniran
Agent Amy Yamazaski
Herself Lulu
Herself Emma Bunton
Herself La Roux
Herself Kirsty Wark
Himself Mark Kermode
Director Mandie Fletcher
Producer Justin Davies
Writer Jennifer Saunders
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