World's Most Dangerous Roads


Series 1 - Episode 3 Peru



If you enjoy the special editions of Top Gear where the presenters go on epic, slightly crazed road trips, this could be for you. But also, if you hate the Top Gear road trips, this could be for you, because it’s completely different: less larky, more real and with no jokes about foreigners or caravans.

This week it’s Ben Fogle and Hugh Dennis in the four-by-four, embarking on a trip across Peru that includes a lot of those shots where a camera fixed to the side of the car gives a great view of the 1,000ft drop just beyond the crumbling edge of the track. It’s dramatic, hairy and great fun to watch.


Ben Fogle and Hugh Dennis undertake a perilous journey through the Peruvian Andes. Their route takes in 2,000ft drops, one-lane dirt roads, remote mountain trails and muddy, humid jungle terrain, as they search for the lost city of Constitucion, once destined to be the capital of Peru.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Fogle
Presenter Hugh Dennis
Director Leo Burley
Executive Producer Sue Davidson