All Creatures Great and Small: Christmas Special: The Night Before Christmas

All Creatures Great and Small: Christmas Special: The Night Before Christmas

Series 1



It’s Christmas Eve in the Yorkshire Dales and the vets’ practice is gearing up for its festive party. But the joys of the season are lost on stricken James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) as he casts doleful glances at his adored Helen (Rachel Shenton). She’s getting married in the morning… but not to him.

Oddly, Helen doesn’t look like a radiant bride to be, she seems pretty miserable, if truth be told. Maybe it’s because her future husband is such a dreary stuffed shirt.

You probably know where all of this is going, particularly if you were a fan of Channel 5’s delightful and charming remake of the beloved classic drama. But so what, the Christmas special is a warm and lovely thing, there’s even snow, a donkey and Siegfried (Samuel West) as Father Christmas.

As James is called from the party to attend a dog in labour, Helen volunteers to help. But fog is gathering…


It's Christmas Eve and the day before Helen's much-anticipated wedding to Hugh, and everyone is gathering to celebrate at the Skeldale Christmas party. However, James is called away to help with a dog in labour, so Helen asks to go with him to get away from all the wedding talk, only for a descending fog to trap the pair in the Dales overnight. The vet promises he will get her back in time for her wedding in the morning, all the while wondering if he will be able to suppress his true feelings for her. Festive special of the drama, starring Nicholas Ralph and Rachel Shenton.

Cast & Crew

James Herriot Nicholas Ralph
Siegfried Farnon Samuel West
Helen Alderson Rachel Shenton
Tristan Farnon Callum Woodhouse
Mrs Hall Anna Madeley
Bert Chapman Dave Hill
Hugh Hulton Matthew Lewis
Adapted By Ben Vanstone
Director Andy Kay
Executive Producer Melissa Gallant
Executive Producer Colin Callender
Executive Producer Ben Vanstone
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Executive Producer Susanne Simpson
Executive Producer Louise Pedersen
Executive Producer Hugo Heppell
Executive Producer Caroline Cooper Charles
Producer Richard Burrell
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