Food Factories: How They Work

Sweet Treats

Series 1 - Episode 1 Sweet Treats

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Basically, this is the BBC series Inside the Factory respun for an international audience. Gregg Wallace (“I’m a broadcaster and foodie”) does some links to clips of his visits, while engineers and food scientists pop up to explain a bit more of the processes involved. Even without Cherry Healey or Ruth Goodman on hand, it actually works quite well.

In this first episode, focusing on confectionery and just in time for Christmas, we’re at the Quality Street factory watching rivers of chocolate, and hoppers full of brightly coloured sweets being weighed. And seeing Wallace go, “Wooh! Wahey!” as he speeds around the vast, automated Kit-Kat warehouse.


Gregg Wallace unpacks the amazing engineering behind his favourite manufacturing machines, from the laser-guided robots that move up to four million chocolate bars a day to the awesome egg-splitter that carefully separates the yolks of seventeen hundred eggs per minute to make mayonnaise. Gregg and his team of engineering experts reveal the secrets of what makes these ingenious machines work.

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Presenter Gregg Wallace