Rod Stewart: Secrets of His Biggest Hits

Rod Stewart: Secrets of His Biggest Hits

Series 1

Fri 21 May 11:30pm - 12:35am Channel 5


Regardless of whether you’ve ever wanted his body or still think he’s sexy, there’s no denying the longevity of Rod Stewart’s career. And whichever era springs readily to mind (I imagine for a lot of RT readers, it’s the mentally scarring image of Rod squatting on a stage in skin-tight leggings that lingers), there should be something of interest here.

As the key building blocks of his success are analysed by his band members and industry insiders, we discover how he’s been able to embrace such varied musical styles as folk and synth-pop. But if there’s one thing that’s remained a constant, it’s those chargrilled vocals. Well, those and the feathered mullet, of course.


The stories behind three of the songs that cemented singer and songwriter Rod Stewart as a musical superstar looking at Sailing, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? and Young Turks.

Cast & Crew

Director Simona Sborcia
Director Ben Ryder
Executive Producer Oliver Wright
Producer Simona Sborcia
Producer Ben Ryder
Series Director Ross Curran
Series Producer Ross Curran
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