Brave New World

Soma Red

Series 1 - Episode 9 Soma Red



Here’s a perfect blend of wildlife and uplift for a Friday evening. Anyone interested in biology or wildlife should find The Serengeti Rules (based on a 2016 book) fascinating, even if you’re already familiar with the idea of “keystone species”.

The film details how, from the 1960s onwards, a group of pioneering scientists established the principle that certain species bind whole ecosystems together: remove them and the system collapses, whether it’s a tidal pool missing starfish (so mussels eat everything) or an African savannah without wild dogs (so antelope overgraze and young trees can’t grow.) The insight, now mainstream, might promise “a blueprint to heal a battered planet”.


Bernard copes with an unexpected tragedy, while Lenina draws ire at the Hatchery and John's exile pushes New London to the brink. Sci-fi drama, starring Alden Ehrenreich.

Cast & Crew

John the Savage Alden Ehrenreich
Lenina Crowne Jessica Brown Findlay
Bernard Marx Harry Lloyd
Mustafa Mond Nina Sosanya
CJack60 Joseph Morgan
Frannie Kylie Bunbury
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