100 Women Special

Series 2020 100 Women Special



To celebrate BBC 100 Women, Click profiles the most inspiring and influential women in technology, from the leaders shaping our future to those finding solutions to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic. The women featured are those driving change, not just for women, but for all parts of society. Hearing their inspirational stories, we learn not only how these women are making an impact, but also the challenges they've faced and the diverse backgrounds they come from. Using in-depth profiles, we provide audiences with a rare and intimate glimpse into the lives of the women who are transforming the world of technology at a unique time in our history. Women who are steering global technology policy, fighting bias in artificial intelligence, using data from sewers to combat Covid-19 and creating fertility solutions. Others have founded companies focusing on mental health, online abuse, women's health, vertical farming and current transport restrictions. With rare-access only Click can achieve, the programme aims to have an inspirational feel, and the audience will understand not only how these women are making an impact, but also who they are and where they come from.
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