Meteorite Mayhem, Wolfe Creek Crater, Australia

Series 3 - Episode 50 Meteorite Mayhem, Wolfe Creek Crater, Australia

Tomorrow 4:35pm - 4:50pm CBeebies


The Go Jetters are in Australia, exploring the Wolfe Creek Crater, also known as Kandimalal. While Ubercorn explains how the crater was formed by a meteorite, Foz searches it for fragments of the space rock, as objects from space often contain precous metals. But soon he has competition in the form of Glitch, who races Foz to find an object that both of their metal detectors pick up - which turns out to be a rusty spoon! In the end, neither of them manage to find any pieces of meteorite, prompting Glitch to send the Grimbots to drag a huge space rock to Earth to help him! Can the Go Jetters prevent this huge disaster before it's too late?