First Dates




You’d imagine that a member of the public on a blind date with a celebrity would be awe-struck and tongue-tied, but that’s not always the case. In this compilation we’re reminded of the awkward exchange between Michael Fabricant MP and his date Jan when she commented, rather bluntly, that he should ditch the Boris Johnson wig. Then there was Irish solicitor John who was getting on swimmingly with Esther Rantzen, until he made a reference to her age that didn’t go down well.
Occasionally, it’s the celeb who is embarrassingly outspoken. Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin’s onomatopoeic references to sex totally wrong-footed her date John. He politely declined a second date.


Revisiting a series of previous dates where sparks flew on their first meeting, including 21-year-old dancer Frankie who was set up on a date with fellow dancer Muhala, and the pair were thrilled to be matched with someone who shared similar passions. Elsewhere, the programmes looks back at part-time nanny and part-time weightlifter Lucy's date with Caroline, which resulted in a shirt being ripped in front of the packed restaurant.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Jon Crisp
Executive Producer Michele Kurland